Saturday, June 22, 2013

Broad leaves in the landscape

 Against the cool and soft green wash of the evergreen tropical forest, broad leaves are a refreshing variation to its profile.  Broad leaves of many plant species are planted to make the park more interesting to look at because big or broad leaves provide much drama, character, accent and scale to the overall landscape.  At the inset is a view of the park looking north-west at Zone D showing the interplay of broad and big leaves of the Traveler's tree and another jungle species.  Below are some more examples of broad leaves that I managed to photograph this morning.
Broad leaves of the Breadfruit (Artocapus altilis) or Sukun in Malay at left and Banana leaves at right.

Calathea crotalifera  - Rattle snake plant

Calathea lutea

Terap in Malay or Lumok in Bintulu Melanau (Artocarpus odoratissimus)

Shrubby dillenia or Simpoh air in Malay (Dillenia suffructicosa)

Pandanus dubius

Traveler's tree (Ravenala madagascariensis)

Agave sepecies

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