Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Punai Daun" or the Little Green Pigeon.

 I am watching the Little Green Pigeon (Treron capellei magnirostris) or what the Malays call 'Punai Daun' this morning.  He came by in return trips to gather the little Eugenia oleina twigs.  It is my belief that he must have been working hard this morning to build a rest somewhere at the park.  What thrilled me was his attempt to break off the ends of the branches and then flew away carrying it in his bill. It is a very colourful bird with its back and wing-coverts in a striking maroon colour.  Its feet light red and iris white makes good contrast to the greenery around.

Punai Daun (Malay) or the Little Green pigeon...the cock bird is full of colours and does the gathering of twigs for building its nest.
Note : All pictures taken on 28 June'13, Location : Zone C

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