Sunday, July 7, 2013

Plant for bodily welfare and vigour - Anisophyllea disticha

Anisophyllea disticha - 'Kayu penahan badan' (Penan), flower buds are deep red and fruits are dark brown..

 Today is the first time that I come across the flower buds of the Anisophyllea disticha or what our Penans of Borneo call ' Kayu Penahan Badan' to mean plant for general body welfare and vigour.  I have preserved a dozen stands of these useful herbal plant in many locations of the park.  This is a small tree that grows to about 6 meters high.  It has charateristics that is interesting as a landscaping plant viz its willow-like branches but looking tidy, small and hardy tree which can grow in shade and open sun.

Anisophyllea disticha, location : Provinsi Rattan

Anisophyllea disticha, location :Botanic Island Two
Among the Penans and Berawans of Sarawak, the roots of this tree are dried and boiled and kept in containers.  They bath their children regularly with the boiled water as herbal treatment for general body welfare and youthful vigour.

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