Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Steps closer to nature

Steps at Heliconia Valley area, separating  Zone C and D

 There is something energizing about walking the steps of nature.  To be close to the earth and to stand barefooted on the jungle footpath.  The earthing connection is immediately felt.  Every step you make you feel alive and jumpy.  Then you feel the awe and respect you forget to give Mother Nature.

Location: Heliconia Valley, between Zone C and D

 At Botanic Island One there are a series of these simple earthen steps that are built for the convenience of workers and visitors.  They lead to rest areas, benches, stools or cut down logs for much needed respite and relaxation.  I find abundant pleasure and deep-felt satisfaction sweeping these steps of fallen leaves and jungle litter.  The rustling sound is instant therapy and its cracking noise quietened the chaos of the outside world.   For once you are focussed with the love of nature and peace creeps in your tired mind. ...So, go and find steps closer to nature!
Botanic Island One steps, looking south

Botanic island one, steps looking west

Botanic Island One, steps looking west

Botanic Island One, steps looking south

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