Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walking Mama Daisy and Inul in the park

Location: Midhill footpath, Botanic Island One

 It is real fun to bring Mama Daisy and Inul for a walk in the park.  Often times they would follow me early in the morning to have an early morning walk when the air is cool and fresh.  I don't keep dogs but cats are my pet interests. Mama Daisy is living with us for about 10 years now.  Inul was born at the park and over the last five years they have followed me in more than 40,000 km of road travel to Kuching from Bintulu.  I have created a special blog about their traveling adventures called "Hav Paws will Travell" and can be accessed here..>>>
Location: Botanic walk, Zone E

Location: Liana walk, Botanic Island Two

Mama Daisy, now 10 years with us

Inul, given birth by Mama Daisy at the park.

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