Sunday, July 7, 2013

Walks in the park

 Walking in the park is therapeutic.  It provides moments when we immerse ourselves, our hearts and soul in nature.  I'm in touch with nature 24 hours a day.  A good experience to be one with nature is to have short walks in the park.  You never know when in your steps you might almost unnoticedly hit upon two young night jar chicks unprotected by their parents or hear the birds happily chirping.  I have established here many kinds of walks.  Some walks are along the stream, jungle, botanic islands, and ridges or hill slopes.
There is always something new to see and experience each day...this makes life worth living.  Like turning the pages of a long ago thin magazine I used to read in the 60's called 'Finding Out'.
Take a leaf from nature.  Despite its complexities and sensitivities, it always seeks a balance.

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