Monday, August 5, 2013

Punai in the rain

 It has been  raining heavily this morning for about 2 hours and I took time to watch the Punai birds.  I was lucky as it was there guarding its young.   The Little Green Pigeon or Punais as they are called in Sarawak are often seen at the park.  However just a couple of weeks ago I noticed they have called the park home.  What surprised me this morning was to see the male of the species guarding the chicks in the rain.  It sat calmly and unmoved by my presence.  In its nest of loose Eugenia oleina twigs are two young chicks that were hatched from white eggs a few days ago.  The bright orange colour on its breast confirm to me that it is a male Punai.  It starred at me and I gave full respect to him by not coming too close to the nest which it protected jealously.  The story continues.....
The male or cock of the Little Green Pigeon, Treron olax

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