Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The female Punai

Female of the Punai or Little Green Pigeon has back and wing-coverts that are dull-greyish green or  olive-green in colour.

 This afternoon it's the mother's turn to tender to her young.  The female of the species have back and wing-coverts that are dull greyish-green.  In the late afternoon I saw both the male and female left the nest and flew past me in swift dashing flight.  When I saw both of them left the nest I immediately rush to check on the chicks and to get a closer look at them.  For about a week now the bigger of the two chicks was partly covered in yellow and green feathers.  The smaller one must have been hatched a few hours later looked rather fragile.  Both appeared to be doing well and breathing......The story continues.......
Two young chicks of the Punai in nest made of loose Eugenia oleina twigs.

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