Monday, August 5, 2013

Young chicks of the Little Green Pigeon

Little Green Pigeon or Punai Daun (Malay)

Newly hatched chicks of the Punai Daun, 2 August'13

 In my wildest dreams! Yes! I am having a watching brief over two newly hatched chicks of the Little Green Pigeon.  A couple of days ago while tending to the oil palm trees I chanced upon the loud flutter of wings taking off just above my head.  Upon checking the spot where the sound originated, I was extremely surprised to say the least to see two chicks just hatched in a nest of twigs gathered from the Eugenia oleina tree.  The nest was built on leaf branches of the oil palm tree.   On the ground below the nest I saw a half-split  egg shell.  I said to myself I'll be back to take more pictures of the chicks as the drama enfolds.....

The female pigeon resting in its nest, protecting the young chicks..
 Today, I noticed the mother was guarding the youngsters jealously .  I peeped at her and she peeped back, apparently having a cool and unfrightened look at me which  gave me more opportunities to photoshoot her in the nest.  I am looking forward to see the chicks in better plummage soon...and to give them some appropraite names....Let the show continues.....
Nest of twigs taken fron the Eugenia oleina tree branches..

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