Monday, October 21, 2013

Singing the eco-diversity mantra

View of oil palm trees planted amidst introduced tree species - Eugenia oleina

 In the park the business model is radical when compared to the vast plantation-style oil palm mono cultivation in Sarawak.  I feel very much at peace with my conscience doing business using the Kambatik model because here profits go hand in hand with preservation.  This is primarily possible because the prime criteria in the development of the park is ecological diversity placed in the context of an agro-forestry management.  It takes me a good 6 years to achieve some resemblance of success in this new oil palm based business model.  The pictures indicating the return of wildlife to park park are concrete examples of the model's performance index.  Enjoy the park through the lenses of diversity....butterflies, insects, small animals, all wild and free......

 Among the existing native or exotic fruit trees and timber trees are planted flowering trees, shrubs and vines that provide food, shelter and breeding grounds to the extensive web of wildlife but with little or no maintenance.  When singing the ecological diversity mantra we sing out loud that "doing good is doing well " la la la..

Recreational activity like wildlife and nature photography helps promote the idea of the park's sustainability mantra.

Doing good is doing well...

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