Friday, November 22, 2013

Views of the park

Zone F, provinsi Carpentaria area is open area seen at left of the picture...
Zone C
 This week most of the areas at Zone B, C and F have been cut of long grasses.  The areas that are regularly cut are mainly the  recreational activity areas.  However, it is the philosophy of  the park's development that certain areas reserved for wildlife will have grassland in natural setting.  Such grassy areas are either swampy areas for the hideouts and nesting areas of water hen or foraging areas for the pipits.  Here are some pictures of Zone B, C and F that have undergone grass cutting works.

Zone B, looking south-west
 Notice the long grasses at the background of the picture of Zone B above.  The grassland area is preserved for wildlife.  In the muddy patches of the grassland can be seen the Sambar deer hooves prints or  feet of the water hen.

Zone B, road passing zone B area with Eugenia oleina as roadside trees.

Zone B, looking south-west

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