Friday, December 27, 2013

A Tiong country

The Kambatik nature park as a Tiong country...

 The park is a Tiong country.  Developed from a lowland tropical rainforest, the tallest trees that are scattered throughout the park are natural hideouts and perches for these medium-sized birds.  Their favourite home is a tall dead tree located at Zone I, nearby the Licuala trail.   From this tall solitary tree they scout the surrounding countryside and embark on medium-haul flights with their strong wings into the  secondary forests and fruit tree gardens.  They make numerous return trips throughout the day gathering fruits,berries and insects.  There is a hole in the tree they found comfortable enough to become their nest.  Today,  I ventured again to the hill because their calls and whistles brings out the itch and urge in me to be closer to them and to have another photoshoot session with them.  Here are some images taken this morning.
Note the white wing-patch on the primary wings..

Beak is stocky, dark orange and light yellow at its terminal end.

Feet are yellow and clawed. Whole body plumage is  black.

Tiong birds are good at mimicking sounds and so are sometimes to referred as Grackle.

The white wing-patch is clearly seen in flight...

The tree the Tiongs call home, where they found a comfortable nest in the tree-hollow...

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