Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Perlings are coming!

A flock of perlings attracted to a fruiting jungle tree at Botanic Island One

Philippines Glossy Starling
(Aplonis panayensis)
 Two days ago they send in the scout.  Yesterday a few birds were seen flying around the park.  Today a flock of these black birds came to town.  They were feeding tiny green fruits of a tall jungle tree at Botanic Island One.  Later in the day the flock concentrated on an Eugenia oleina tree that was full of tiny berry-like fruits.  They seemed to have a liking to these black fruits and were not bothered to share the tree with the bulbuls and flowerpeckers.  Once they found a fruiting tree they would come back again and hopefully I can take more pictures of them tomorrow.

An adult perling has glossy dark bluish black body and characteristic bright red iris.
This perling is resting on the Eugenia oleina branch.

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