Friday, May 16, 2014

A Fern trail for the park

Wild ferns for vegetables sold at Tamu or jungle produce market in Bintulu town.

Miding (Stenochlaena palustris)
 I am inspired today to start a new project called the 'Fern Trail'.  This trail will be about one kilometer long and will enable the  enthusiast to discover ferns on open spaces, valleys, hills, streams and jungle environments.  The list of vegetable ferns that grow naturally here is as below:
1) Stenochlaena palustris - Miding (Malay)
2) Diplazium esculentum - Paku Ikan (Iban)
3) Nephrolepsis biserrata - Paku Uban (Iban)
4) Helminthostachys spp. - Sumbok Gana (Iban), Tongkat Langit (Malay)
5) Blechum orientale - Paku Kelindang (Iban)

Besides the more popular vegetable ferns, other types of ferns could  be grown, transplanted and re-grouped in dramatic and interesting presentations.  There shall be established 5 fern stations along the trail and the biggest stations to assume a fernery.  The list of ferns to be transplanted or planted gradually are as follows:
1) Asplenium nidus - Bird's nest fern
2) Asplenium tenerum
3) Asplenium longissimum
4) Adiantum fabellulatum - Maiden's Hair
5) Athyrium esculentum
6) Blechnum orientale - Paku Ikan
7) Cyathea latebrosa - Tree fern
8) Davallia denticulata - Rabbit's Foot ern
9) Dicranopteris linearis - Resam
10) Drymoglossum piloselloides - Duit-Duit
11) Dipteris conjugata
12) Dipteris lobbiana
13) Gleichenia truncata
14) Platycerium coronarium - Disc Stag's Horn fern
15) Pityrogamma calomelanos - Silver Fern
16) Psilotum complanatum
17) Schizaea dichotoma - Grass Fern
18) Stenochlaena palustris - Miding

The fern trail project should keep me very busy for about three months from today.
Platycerium coronarium or Disc Stag's Horn Fern
Location : Botanic Island One, Zone D

Bird's nest fern - Asplenium nidus

Oil palm tree skirted with variety of ferns
Location : Zone C

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