Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Highlights today at the park (14 May)

Traveller's Palm - Ravenala madagascarensis
Location : Zone C

 The Traveller's Palm is not exactly a palm.  It belongs to the Banana family (Musaceae).  It has a unique name which indicates that it originated  from Madagascar. In this post I have included a picture of the Areaca catechu palm which is presently bearing fruits.  Palms have two main shapes, fan-like or feather-like.  Thus the Pinang tree (Areca catechu) is feather-like while the Traveller's Palm is fan-like.  The Pinang is a popular garden tree in all Malay kampungs in Sarawak.  They outlived people who first planted them and as such these trees can grow very tall and in many old pictures of Sarawak's towns and villages we can see them over-topping villages and other trees in the kampungs or rural landscapes. Today I bumped into a dragonfly which variety I have not seen below.  Checkout the pictures at the inset and below.....
CU of a dragonfly....
Zone G
Pinang - Areca catechu
Zone G

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