Monday, May 26, 2014

Light of life

Wild minitaure orchid plant on tree trunk
Location : Zone C

Resam (Bracken fern) and jungle climber
 It is most interesting to see leaves against light.  Light that reaches the ground through the forest canopy possess much solar energy required greatly by living things.  The light  through photosynthesis nourishes leaves.  The absorption of energy for photosynthesis cannot take place without pigments called cholorophyll utilising most effectively wavelength spectrums around 440 millimicrons in the violet and 660 millimicrons  in the red.  In the white light, they transmit and reflect disproportionately in the yellow-green to blue sector and thus show the green colour our eyes detect.  Photosynthesis is second in importance for life only to the radiant energy in the sun.  Let there be light !
Red and green colours on one leaf in Bauhinia semibifidaLocation : Botanic Island One

Light green leaves of Anisophyllea disticha (Kayu Penahan Badan - Penan) at center.
Location : Botanic Island One

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