Saturday, May 3, 2014

Potent thoughts for the park

View of the park @ Zone F, showcasing the stream bank area at left.

Hippeastrum hybrid
 You easily get inspired by just having a short walk in the park early Sunday morning.  Some plants are just exciting for curiosity.  Some strike you with an alarming colour, red for danger but are lovely flushes too.  Many flowers bear pollen on long stamens while the pollens of the oil palm gives out a sharp vanilla-like scent.  The Botanic islands of which there are currently four are  kept intact as nature's passageway and reserve for many jungle species and wildlife.  The point is these plant species are part of an intriguing network of the food chain supply so important to wildlife and our lunch plate.  The Kambatik Park is my answer to nature's sustainability, green transparency, sanctuary for wildlife, a way to re-connect myself to nature's wilderness and a commitment to hope for the future of our children and grandchildren.  Here is a will with a way. 
Red lushes of a jungle tree species at Botanic island Two

Jungles flushes

Flushes of a jungle creeper

Male flowers of the oil palm tree (Elaies guineensis)

Gardenia jasminoides or Cape Jasmine

A walk in the park at Zone F
Bright orange leaf sheath of the Pinang Lakka (Cyrtostachys renda).
This palm has many common names to describe its many uses e.g. Sealing Wax Palm, Lipstick Palm, Maharajah Palm, Pinang Rajah etc..

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