Monday, June 23, 2014

Burnt earth

Add on clayey soil and other organic garden debris on top of the fire
Burnt earth ready for use
 A fallen dead tree that used to be a favourite perch for many birds fell down the other day due to a gust of strong wind.  The log is good burning or fuel material for the making of burnt earth.  By burning the timber we are producing also wood ash.  We have mountains of yellow clayey soils at the park.  These sticky clay are good material for burnt earth.  The sticky clay is put on top of the fire and with other organic garden debris.  Burnt earth cannot be used immediately because of the latent heat present after burning, may kill the plants. It is advisable to use  2-3 weeks after being produced.   Burnt earth sterilises the soil and reduces soil acidity.  Furthermore, it makes soil phosphorous and potash more readily available to plants.  The wood ashes also provide potassium to the soil, though in general our local soils are not seriously deficient in potassium.  On the other hand all local soils are deficient in phosphorous.  
Burnt earth and wood ashes

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