Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chinese lantern or "Cipluan' in Malay

 Cipluan (Malay) - Physalis minima

 It was about two months ago that I planted 2 nos of the Cipluan seedlings that I took from the Kuching garden.  Fortunately one of them thrived and is producing lots of fruits.  The fruit is somewhat enclosed in a papery lantern shaped calyx.  Young fruits are greenish and ripe ones turn yellow.  Numerous fruits are scattered on the soil and I hope will germinate in future to produce more seedlings.  This plant was never seen at the park before.  As such it is a new introduction. The birds like to eat the berries.  I normally would eat them raw.  They taste just like tomatoes.  I was told that in France these are served as salad in many restaurants.  I am yet to find out the many ways it can be served...
Numerous fruits fallen on the soil hopefully will germinate

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