Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Early morning stroll

Jungle Crow perching on a Cempedak branch

Jungle crow in flight
 It may not be an ideal time for photography due to  subdued light but the coolness of the morning air, fresh and unpolluted makes walking in the park a sea cruise.  The breeze was gentle and many twitters and  calls of the early birds were heard.  The coarse voice and hollow whistle of the Jungle Crow broke the morning silence.  In flight its wings gave loud resounding flapping reverberations that is attractive to any nature lover.  At one turn of the walk, I noticed the heliconia shrubs producing rich orange colours in 'golden torches'.  A slight walk up the Cempedak hill was met with lots of young, unripe fruits which could be cooked as vegetables.  This season there seemed to be a dozen of these trees ready to bear their seasonal fruits.  Not to be missed was two regular visitors to the park, a Little Green Pigeon and a Magpie Robin.  To enjoy nature early in the morning is like a fresh breeze gently re-energizing  a tired it a good morning kick start. 

Heliconia psittacorum - Golden Torch

Cempedak tree in heavy fruiting

Magpie Robin

Little Green Pigeon

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