Thursday, June 12, 2014

Epiphytic aroid suitable as shade plant

Scindapsus perakensis
Family : Araceae - Aroid family
 There are many old tall jungle trees at the park, mostly located at the Botanic Islands.  In their natural habitat the Scindapsus perakensis will climb tall trees to become lovely epiphytes that can be transplanted and made into house or shade plants.  Its spadix is creamish.  Among the Bidayuh people in Sarawak, a paste of the fresh leaves is used as poultice to treat swollen joints that are associated with rheumatism.  I have been collecting and transplanting many of them to be used as landscaping plants, especially for areas under heavy shade.

Reman Pasok (Bidayuh) - Scindapsus perakensis
Location : Botanic Island Two
Note the the epiphytic nature of this climbing aroid.

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