Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Plain Sight - Provinsi Borneo (Part 4)

Provinsi Borneo, view looking south
The tree at left is Duiran and at right behind the oil palm is the Jering tree.

View looking north
 The Provinsi Borneo is about the size of three tennis courts.  The stream runs through the middle of the provinsi.  It is called Provinsi Borneo, after the palm origin of this third largest island in the world.  According to folklore, the coconut fruits named 'Buah Nyiur' in Malay were to be seen everywhere along the coasts of the huge island that explorers and travelers associate the island with the coconut fruits.  Many Europeans not adapt at talking the perfect Malay clumsily spoke of the island as 'Borneo' - from the Malay word 'Buah Nyiur'.  There are many interesting fruit trees that were original to the area such durians, Cemepdak, Ong Lumok, Jering, etc.  Many more coconut trees will be planted at the area in future.  Below are many views of the provinsi....
View looking north

View looking east
Young coconut trees planted at right. The Durian tree is seen at the center with broad leaves.

View looking west

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