Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Plain Sight - Provinsi Manila (Part 3)

Provinsi Manila, view looking east

 The main attraction at Provinsi Manila will be the Water lily pond.  Works on digging up the pond has started.  There is already a rich vegetation of small trees and shrubs at the provinsi.  Additonal planting has started to enhance the area with more colours. The Manila palms have just been planted.  This pond area is visited daily by dragonflies of various species.  Birds especially the bulbuls are regularly checking out the red juicy seeds of the Shrubby Dillenia that form part of the natural landscaping of the pond.  A few fruit trees will be planted to attract more birds there.  Below are more views of the provinsi....
View looking south-east
Waterlily pond in the making, view looking east
Waterlily pond in the making, view looking south-west

Provinsi Manila, view looking south-west
In the far background partly seen  is the Provinsi Carpentaria

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