Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Plain Sight - Provinsi Rattan (Part 6)

Partial view of Botanic Island Two, looking north
Location : Provinsi Rattan, Zone E

Botanic Island Two, showing rattan
trailing at the center.
 Of all the Provinsi or Plain areas, the Provinsi Rattan is the most wild in nature.  This is because in the Provinsi are located two Botanic Islands viz Botanic Island Two and Three.  At the Botanic Islands are preserved many forest trees for posterity.   At the inset is a view of Botanic Island Two , looking south.  Both Botanic Islands have rattan growing naturally in them, besides original jungle trees, unique palms, lianas and forest climbers. Presently there is one wild Rambutan tree that is fruiting profusely.  Seen also is a wild forest climber belonging to the Bauhinia species that is flowering in orange glory.  Below are more pictures of the attractions at Provinsi Rattan .....

Provinsi Rattan - home for rattan collection -  7 rattan species are available on site

Botanic Island Two - showing lianas and climbing rattan, at center

Stream at Provisi Rattan
Location : Botanic Island Three

The big tree at center is the wild Rambutan tree
Location : Provinsi Rattan, between Botanic Island Two and Botanic Island Three

Wild rambutan fruits

Colourful Bauhinia spp. climber growing wild over the forest canopy
Location : Botanic Island Two, Zone E

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