Friday, June 20, 2014

Steady with the food...

Common Iora with caterpillar in beak
Location : Zone F, at Rambutan tree..

 Oh, what a sight!  So delighted to see the iora bird catching a caterpillar.  There were two of them, probably a pair of which one was not so easy to see because it was moving among the leaves.  With its small size it was undetectable except for those moments when it edged the end of branches.  The last time I sighted it was barely a month ago.  Though the literature states that it is a common bird in the lowland forest of Borneo, my experience tells me that its only once in a while that it will brave itself out of the forest and enjoy the park view.  It was seen  hunting for caterpillars at the Rambutan tree and then the Jering tree.  At the rambutan tree it managed to snap at a tiny caterpillar.  The top picture tells the story.....
Note: This cu pic I took while birding at the Pustaka Sarawak grounds (State Library) earlier this month.
In Malay the bird is called " Kunyit Kacat".

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