Sunday, June 22, 2014

The beauty of forest trees

Jungle tree in full flower in May

 This lovely forest tree is located at Botanic Island Two.  I have been observing it for the last two months.  In May it started to produce beautiful yellow flowers.  The flowers were intact for about a month.  For the last two weeks I observed that it has produced fruits that are in a leaf-like form (see inset)  Today a gust of strong wind blew plenty of the fruits down to the forest floor.  Imagine if the  tree is close to a river or stream.  The fruit with its seed encased in the leaf-like pod will float down river and thus aid in its propagation.
Jungle tree in full flower in May

Fruiting in red in June

CU of leaf-like red ruits

Today  - majestic colours of red and orange...
The orange flowers belong to a bauhinia species.
Location : Botanic Island Two

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