Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Coconut Palm

The coconut palm at center of picture and the oil palm in the background are solitary feather palms.
Location : Zone C

 I have attempted to grow coconuts along the stream and plain areas.  The Coconut palm is the most well-known tropical palm throughout the world. It's green young nuts produce refreshing drink.  The apical bud or palm heart can be eaten raw or prepared into many types of dishes.  For that matter the palm heart is also referred to as palm cabbage.  Before the advent of oil palm its dried kernels (copra) can produce oil for cooking.  There are many other amazing ways all parts of the coconut tree are of economic importance for those able to grow them, especially people staying in tropical climates.  Seafarers helped distribute it among the many islands in the Pacific and Indian ocean, including the Malay archipelago group of islands.  They found that the nuts were an excellent source of food in their travels since the self-contained nut does not leak, dry out or become tainted with salt water.  Nowadays superior varieties of coconuts are planted for their larger fruits, more yield,  more juice, different leaf colours, dwarf habit, and fragrance of the meat and water.
Young coconut palms recently planted along the stream
Location : Zone  F

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