Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two Tiongs in action

 The two Tiongs are happy with the nest.  It was just a few days ago that they claimed the tree their temporary home.  In my experience if they were to use the hole in the tree as 'nest', they would normally rent it for about a month's time.  Be as it may, they are most welcomed because it was approximately 6 months ago that a pair of the Tiong Mas (Malay) came to town and stayed there too.  Tiong Mas as the Malays call the Hill Myna bird has bright yellow bare skin patch below the eye.  There is another yellow skin patch just behind the eye across the nape to form a yellow band.  The legs and feet are yellow and the bill reddish orange with a yellow tip.  The entire body is black with unique white wing-patch on primaries.  I observed today the flapping sound of their wings in flight sounded like the muffled sound of a helicopter's propellers.  Tiongs are talkative birds and for that reason are trained as pets to mimic human language.

Note : All pictures above taken today, 26 June'14
Camera : Nikon D5100

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  1. Di rumah sewa lama saya dulu banyak terdapat burung ini. Kuat bunyinya.