Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Prinia preview

Perenjak Padi (Malay) - Prinia flaviventris
Location: Zone B

 The Yellow-bellied Prinia is a resident of the park.  Despite that status, to get close to it has been a big problem for me.  However, today I am lucky.  Out of the blues it decided to give me a most pleasurable photoshoot session.  The prinia has one of the loudest calls among the small birds at the park.  It doesn't fly straight and when it fly the wings flap loudly.  I understand that the Yellow-bellied Prinia is the only prinia on this big island of Borneo.  Its music to listen to the singing of the prinia.
Singing on a tall stem...

Singing from the branches of the oleina tree..

The presence of grassland or grass reserves proves useful as perches for the prinia..
Location : Zone B

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