Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coconut Groove

Coconut Groove, looking east.
Note the greenery of the Botanic Island One at the background.

Feather-like leaves of the coconut
This is a yellow variety.
 I thought it would be a good idea to just transplant one coconut tree as an instant plant this morning.  This is a yellow variety of the coconut palm.  It was installed at the Provinsi Borneo and would become the center piece of the Coconut Groove.  It is planned to add more facilities to this location because it would act as the center of attraction for enjoying coconut fruits and coconut water.  Probably a shed or two would serve the purpose well.  All around this Coconut Groove are already planted many other fruits trees e.g. Lumok, Jering and Durians.  The place is next to the Botanic Island One, thus the temperature of the area is moderated in large part by the greenery of the botanic island. Towards the south of the groove is a row of Eugenia oleina trees which are currently producing young leaves in beautiful hues of the sunset and autumn.
Instant coconut tree (center)  just planted this morning at Coconut Groove, looking north.
Location : Provinsi Borneo

Row of Eugenia oleina trees in flushes...looking south

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