Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Does the nectar tastes spicy?

Kantan (Malay) - Etlingera elatior
This is a spent inflorescence.
 While we normally chop into small pieces  the 'Kantan' (Malay) or Torch Ginger's inflorescences as spicy ingredient for the making of laksa, the Little Spiderhunter today surprised me with a new finding.  I have lots of pictures to show the Little Spiderhunter sipping nectar from the ixora flowers and many species of heliconia plants but to see it sipping  nectar from a spent Torch Ginger is a novelty.  The inflorescences bear torch-like cones of pink to red bracts and newly fresh ones  are excellent material for the floral arrangement. Checkout my blog about plants for more pictures of fresh Torch Gingers here ..>>>http://alltheplants3.blogspot.com/search/label/Torch%20ginger
Little Spiderhunter sipping nectar from the Torch Ginger flower

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