Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Morning, morning....and welcome back!

Blue-throated Bee-eater

Little Green Pigeon - female of species
 A pair of Blue-throated Bee-eater and a pair of Little Green Pigeon came out early to say good morning.  But it was a special good morning from the bee-eaters because for quite a while they have not stopped by at the park.  Their visit is always met with joy and excitement.  It is a real delight to see their beautifil blue and green feathers.  While the Little Green Pigeons are residents of the park, building nests on oil-palm branches, fruit trees and other jungle trees, the Blue-throated Bee-eaters are temporary visitors and pit-stoppers. When bee-eaters are around it is a sure indication that there is a swarm of bees to be hunted. 

A pair of Little Green Pigeon perching on the Cempedak tree
Location : Cempedak Hill, Zone G.

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