Monday, July 14, 2014

The Common Iora makes a kill

 A pair of the Common Iora ( Aegithina tiphia) were busy hunting for food at the Cemepdak tree.  The Common Iora does frequent the park but it is doesn't make itself so prominently seen as it is always hopping between the twigs and among the leaves.  They are categorised as leaf birds.  This morning one of the pair  managed to snatch a tiny insect, probably a young grasshopper or praying mantis.  I always get excited every time I have the opportunity to watch them.  They have a very pleasant yellow colour and black wings that have white stripes.  Their calls are melodious.
A pair of Common Iora (Aegthinia tiphia) foraging for food at the Cemepedak tree
Location : Zone C

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