Monday, July 14, 2014

The squirrels are coming..

Plantain squirrel at the oleina tree
Location : Provinsi Borneo, Zone D

 The squirrels are coming to town.  Early in the morning they jump from branch to branch, trees to trees and sometimes run fast on the ground below.  They are attracted to the oil palm fruits especially those ripe ones, biting more than they could chew.  Other fruits that are target to their sharp teeth are the Jackfruit, Cempedak fruit and Lumok fruits that are in abundance and starting to ripen at the park.  Everyday is a fruity fiesta.  At the moment they are not considered as serious pests but merely part of the occupational hazards of operating an eco-farm.  By the way, squirrels fetch a good price in Bintulu town.  They are sold for more than RM 15 per living specimen at current market price.  They are considered a delicacy among many native people of Bintulu.
Squirrels are expert tree or branch jumpers...

A healthy looking specimen.  This one can fetch RM 15 at the Bintulu 'Tamu' or jungle produce market.

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