Saturday, August 30, 2014

A fruity harvest

The Jering fruits
 What is living without fruits?  What is life without plants?  Don't think about it, you'll die!  So to feel alive we decided to bring along the bamboo pole and see what's there to be collected.  This morning the weather was fine, a good day for plucking fruits.  However, the seasonal fruits are becoming less and very soon their season will be over.  The remaining fruits collected this morning were the Ong Lumok, Cempedak, Jering and Rambutan.  Bintulu is blessed with many unique tropical fruits.  Checkout the many fruits of Sarawak or Bintulu for that matter in my other blog here ....>>>>

Can you recognize the fruits? ... Discover which is Jering, Rambutan, Cempedak and Lumok

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