Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Early in the morning

Up on the Cempedak Hill, Punai at left and Tekukur at right

Bromhaedia finlaysonia

 The early morning air is cool with a little breeze.  I climbed the Cempedak Hill at Zone G to check on the Punai Daun or Little Green Pigeon.  On the way up the climb I could see the orchid bush has given out its fresh morning flowers.  This bush is right below the Cempedak tree.  As expected the Little Green Pigeon was patiently waiting for me, so it seemed.  Resting at the very tip of the tree it was accompanied by a Spotted-necked Dove or Tekukur in Malay.  When the Tekukur flew away the seat was taken by yet another male Punai.  I realised I just had a wonderful morning and before I walked down the hill, a Yellow-vented Bulbul perched on the Cempedak branch not wanting to miss the  morning party.....
Two male Punai
Male of the species - Little Green Pigeon

Little Green Pigeon - male

Tekukur (Malay) - Spotted -necked Pigeon , image is enhanced to show the spots on its neck

Yellow-vented Bulbul

This orchid ( Bromheaia finlaysonia) is native to the park.  It has grown into a bushy form.

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