Sunday, August 31, 2014

Provinsi Liana

Provinsi Liana
Zone E
Great Mormon
Papillio memnon agenor
 I was checking out the Botanic Island Two this morning and decided to add another provinsi to the area surrounding the island.  The Provinsi Liana will house the many types of lianas or climbers present there.  The main feature of the Provinsi Liana area the tall trees packed closely together and transversed by a complex web of woody climbers or lianas,  These 'tarzan ropes' are right at my back door.  No need to go to the virgin jungle to see them.  This is the great pleasure of having your own nature park.  To my surprise this morning I encountered the Great Mormon butterfly that was fluttering and flying around the lianas.  All said, I am looking forward to do more work at the Provinsi Liana in the near future.

Pholidacarpus sumatrana palm at center
Provinsi Liana
Paku Kelindang (Iban) - Blechnum orientale

Twisted and coiled into a nice weave pattern

Strong 'tarzan ropes'

From tree to tree...a liana tranversing

Close up of a liana successfully twinning itself to a nearby  tree
Great Mormon (Papillio memnon agenor) among the lianas

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