Friday, September 5, 2014

Photoshoot session with a Swallowtail butterfly

 It seems that the wild flower called 'Seribu Bahasa' by the Berawans of Sarawak (Centratherum punctatum) is able to attract a new species of Swallowtail butterfly.  The Berawans boil the fresh leaves of this plant and drink the boiled water to help cure stomach ache and body ache.   The purple flowers were the target of the swallowtail butterfly.  This butterfly has white and black fore wings and bright orange and black hind wings.  The end half of the body is a bright yellow, which contrasted with the purple flowers.  Below are more pictures of the photoshoot session this afternoon...

Seribu Bahasa (Centratherum punctatum ) grown at the Butterfly garden
Zone C

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  1. Oh, beautiful swallow tail. The pattern and the combination of colors are so nice. Never seem this various in my area yet.