Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rain at the park

 It was a wet morning.  It had  rain very heavily since dawn till about  half of the morning. As usual when it rained in heavy downpours  even for about three hours a flash flood would normally ensues. Later the floods quickly subsided and the stream returned to its normal self. Despite the rain I walked about the park, sheltered by an umbrella to check out if anything abnormal happened.  Well, nothing extra ordinary took place.

The Punai Daun or Little Green Pigeon were seen perching at their favourite cempedak tree though at his time around  they were all drenched wet.   The Phalaenopsis orchid looked healthy in bright yellow and brown colours.  At Zone E I saw some oil palm fruits bearing  signs that they were being nimbled by the squirrel  It has not been raining even mildly for the last two weeks.  Today's rain was a real blessing to the park.

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