Thursday, October 16, 2014

A day of beautiful nature

 It has been a fulfilling day.  Time spent with the natural and feathered species.  Among the dead leaves on the forest floor a skink was seen skirting fast.  It looked curiously beautiful.  As the day progresses many small birds sneaked out of their jungle hideout to welcome a fine day with their cheerful calls.  Today's list consisted of the Pied Fantail (Sambar  Murai Gila - Malay), Orange-bellied Flowerpecker, Crimson Sunbird, Little Spiderhunter and finally the talkative whistler of a bird - the Hill Myna or Tiong in Malay.  The Tiongs were seen perching high at sunset time and only returned to their hole in the tree after 6.30 pm.  The Bintulu sunset continues to entice a happy heart with its majesty and promise of another day....God willing.
Parrot flower (Heliconia psittacorum)
Pied Fantail

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Eastern Crimson Sunbird

Little Spiderhunter
Hill Myna birds or Tiong (Malay)

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The Bintulu sunset from Licuala Hill, Zone I

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