Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A walk in the park

Zone C (foreground) and Zone F (background), looking south

 The weather this morning was cool and cloudy.  A walk in the park was a breezy affair.  I was trying to catch what's purple this morning.  The Senduduk and the Bamboo Orchid flowers  answered my quest.  Then I caught sight of a butterfly.  More about the butterfly photoshoot session in the next posting.  The inedible fruits of the Pong-Pong were seen fallen on the lawn below the tree.  They sure look appetizing but sorry they aren't edible.  At Zone C I walked through a section of the area that was under heavy oil palm canopy.  The humid and shady micro-climate of the place was ideal for many shade plants.  Here's more pictures to tell the story....
Ripe Pong-Pong fruit, looking delicious like red apples...

Bamboo orchid

Senduduk flower

Butterfly at Zone C

Zone C (foreground) and Zone D (background)

CU of a shade plant below the oil palm canopy.

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