Thursday, October 23, 2014

Habitually yours....

The Tiong at bottom of tree is in its nest.  Another Tiong above scouts the horizon...

Hill Myna
 Speak to me.  And they did.  Telling me to protect their environment.  I woke up early to witness the Tiongs starting to bring materials to their nest.  A long grass blade tugged safely in its beak.  One of the Tiongs (Hill Myna) started the morning chores while another broadcast their familiar whistle over the neighbourhood.  It's gonna be a good day and off they went to hunt for food further away their nest.  The Dark-sided Flycatcher  waited for me as if our early morning appointment was not to be missed.  She was again at her favourite spot the first time I stumbled upon her.  These feathered friends of the park gave me so much inspiration and impetus to make the park a sanctuary for wildlife.  I look forward to what the rest of the day will hold.....
The faithful Dark-sided Flycatcher
Zone B

Butterfly garden....hoping to see more butterflies from today onwards since the Eugenia oleina trees are starting to flower all over the park.
Location : Zone C

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