Thursday, October 9, 2014

Opening up the Provinsi Licuala

Licuala ferruginea growing naturally at the Provinsi Licuala, Zone I

Red flushes of a jungle climber
 Been busy doing some selective jungle clearing at Zone I where the Provinsi Licuala is situated.  Provinsi Licuala is so named because of the presence of many Licuala ferruginea palms that grow naturally below the tall trees.  The Licuala ferruginea palm variety found here is of the solitary form.  It is the intention is to open up the area for more jungle walks, trekking and birding look out point.  Nearby the Provinsi Licuala  is a tall dead tree that is temporary home for the Hill Myna birds.  They come and stay here year in and year out.  Working at the provinsi this morning I was extremely pleased to stumble upon a jungle tree that was covered with red flushes.  This is the first time I met across such a beauty.  From the look of it the small tree is a potential candidate for homes, towns as well as park landscaping.  There were many other native trees to the area that were displaying flushes today.  Besides flushes of jungle trees there were also climbers that display flushes of new leaves.  So we can call today a flushing day.  Tropical greenery is not all green after all.
View of the park from Licuala Hill, looking south.
Oil palm trees planted on slopes leading to the Licuala Hill at the background.  Note the hilly climb to reach the top of the hill.
A tall dead tree that is temporary home for many Hill Myna birds over the years.
Location: Provinsi Licuala, Zone I
A small jungle tree fully covered with red flushes.  A potential candidate for landscaping tree.

Beautiful red flushes
Oil palms growing on slopes.  Note the bauhinia climber at left.

Bauhinia species preserved for posterity.

Young red leaves (flushes) of a jungle tree species.
Orange to red flushes of another jungle tree species

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