Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photoshoot session with the Great Eggfly butterfly

Purple iridescence surround the white spots on upper side.

Great Eggfly
Hypolimnas bolina
It was seen resting on the long leaves of the  'Miding' fern ( Stenochlaena palustris) then at the broad leaves of the Simpoh Air (Shrubby dillenia).  I kept chasing it to have a clearer view of its upperside and underside.  On the underside there is a beautiful lace-like pattern of white on brown.  On the upperside there are three white dots on each side of the wings which are surrounded with purple iridescence.  The purple colours are really attractive, giving much added-value to its wings.

Note: All images above taken on 1 October, 2014.
Location: Provinsi Manila, The Kambatik Park, Bintulu.

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