Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rainy days and wet months ahead

 For the last three days, there has been occasional rain lasting for hours and hours on end.  Today (Sunday 26 Oct) it rained the whole day and evening.  I am more or less convinced that today's continuous rain marks the start of the monsoon season.  The park climate is typically equatorial with the heaviest rains and wettest months towards the end of the year.  This season of rains is called the "Landas" in Sarawak.  This phenomena is due to the North-East Monsoon winds (October to March)  that pick up the moisture and clouds from the open seas of the South China Sea and bring forth the heaviest rainfall between November to February to the coastal areas of Sarawak and Bintulu is not spared.  On top of it all, the forest cover at the park will make the nights even more colder and chilling to the bones during the above months.

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