Sunday, December 28, 2014

HelooOO Mr. Monitor

Look somewhere in the middle of the picture." Hello there Mr. Monitor!"
View of typical lowland hill forest landscape and ecosystem
Zone B

Monitor Lizard
 It was a very unusual encounter.  At a section of a preserved area with  thick undergrowth and tall trees typical of the lowland forest ecology, I stumbled upon a Monitor Lizard.  This is the first time I ever see it basking on a long tree trunk.  Previously on two occasions I did see it running swiftly on the ground.  However today's show was unique in that it seemed oblivious of my presence.  I was about 50 meters from the tree it clung to.  What could it be waiting for? So far to the best of my knowledge this area is normally frequented by squirrels, tree shrews, bats on the higher ground and on the swampy and wet areas below are present many types of frogs, snakes etc.  Or was it after some bird's eggs? I wonder .....

View of lowland hill forest integrated with oil palm cultivation
Zone G, looking south.

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