Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rain or shine, always look forward to a new year

 December is almost over.  The north-east monsoon rains is yet to hit Bintulu with heavy floods.  Historically, the rains will gradually lessen its impact once February comes.  Therefore January is the month to watch out for floods, if ever it is to come and drown the low-lying areas of Bintulu. Fortunately the Kambatik Park is located in the interior lowland forest of Bintulu and is nestled in the headland of a river system  that eventually will join the major river system of Bintulu called the  'Batang Kemena' or the Kemena River.  Sitting in the headland makes it disposes the rainwater swiftly downstream in torrential flows.  Sometimes flash floods occur but it is  limited to areas along the stream and because of the gradient of the park the flash floods come and go within an hour or two.  Whatever it is, I am looking forward to a new year, rain or shine.
Bromheadia finlaysoniana - a native orchid species growing wild at the park

Yellow-vented Bulbul

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