Friday, January 9, 2015

Flushing today at the park

Flushes of a jungle tree
Botanic Island Two

Flushes of "Kuini" - Magnifera odorata
Zone C

Flushes of "Kasai" - Pometia pinnata
Zone C
 January is a month of drizzly rains, heavy rains and continuous rains for days on ends.  What is attractive is to see the leaf exchange process during this period of rains.  In the rainforest there is always the process of continuous leafing, thus the green cover of leaves looking evergreen as in the tropical jungle.  However, looking closely there are also periods of intermittent leafing which produce  leaves in sets or flushes of several leaves together.  Today I saw three at the park showing nice flushing colours.  One is a jungle tree which I cannot identify, next are the flushes of the 'Kuini' fruit tree (Mangifera odorata) and thirdly the flushes of the 'Kasai' or Pometia pinnata which produces sweet tasting longan-like fruits.

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