Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gardening the Butterfly Garden

Ixora coccinea at a corner of the Butterfly Garden

 In times of rainy days it is best to do gardening especially planting activities.  Today, in between moments of drizzle and rain, I make time to carry out some transplanting and also actual planting works at the Butterfly Garden.  The chances of survival are better on rainy days as the newly planted species receive immediate care in the form of water and cloudy sky to help reduce the initial planting shock.  I planted the Ruellia colorata plant at the Butterfly Garden this afternoon. Most of the time however was spent on digging more topsoil from the hill nearby  and placing it on the existing planting beds.  Before the evening fades my hard work was paid in full  by the amazing sight of the rainbows on the eastern horizon.  Another day is done.  A day feeling determined and hopeful that more butterflies will show up at the garden in the near future.  Well that sounds familiar..adventure in life, hands-on, looking into the future, always better, like a child ever more curious and learning....
Ruellia colorata
Family : Acanthaceae - Acanthus family

Rainbow on the eastern sky.  A day is done.

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