Thursday, January 22, 2015

New terrestrial orchid found

 Found a new terrestrial orchid with upright flower spikes at Zone B yesterday.  The area is at the edge  of the Kruak wetlands.  The damp earth covered with rotting branches, fronds and leaves have provided the ideal conditions for this new discovery.  At this point of writing I'm still unsure what species of wild orchids it belong to. Could it belong to the Nephelaphyllum tribe of which the Tania is a likely candidate.  Or it could be placed under the Phaius tribe of which two genus are relevant i.e. Phaius and Calanthe.  I'll study in further detail this new find and will revert in future posting its likely nomenclature.  What excites me is its colourful sepals that are a light brownish purple.  The two petals are whitish and the lip is a nice subtle brownish purple with attractive orange brown centre leading to its reproductive parts.  I have reserved a name for it....


  1. Cantiknya..macam specis orkid pinang/tanah ya Mud...

    1. Ya, warnanya cantik tapi tak ada fragrance.